Hey JMT, We’re 100% On!

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Two pieces of good news, I have (I don’t know why, but I’ve been speaking like Yoda all day in my head).  The first piece: As some of you may know, I had to rather unexpectedly, start a new project at work.  However, I got the OK from my new lead to go ahead and take a month off vacation in the summer!  The second, and more important piece: I have myself a permit! Well, it’s my backup permit.  Nonetheless, it ensures that this thing….. this crazy 200+ mile adventure is SO on!

There are three ways of getting a permit: (1) Entering a Lottery going South Bound (SOBO) starting at Yosemite, (2) Entering a Lottery going North Bound (NOBO) through Whitney Portal, and (3) NOBO from another Inyo National Forest trailhead.  Option 3 was relatively easy to get, and frankly I didn’t realize how easy it was until just three hours ago.  It’s as easy as just finding dates with availability, and paying for the permit ($21)!

Last time I told you all I was going to be applying everyday to a lottery, and I did – for most days.  I put in over 40 submissions and got the same rejection email everyday – I could probably recite that stupid 300 word email from memory (the bitterness is strong in this one).  I also put in a submission to the NOBO lottery, however those results don’t come out until March 24.

Any of you readers out there who’ve been around me enough, know that my life is saturated with many unfortunate events, and luck is just not on my side with these sorts of endeavors, so I decided to do some more digging for alternative NON LUCK BASED options…. andddddd now, I am a proud owner of a JMT permit!

If I don’t get any lottery picks next Thursday, I will be set on starting from Cottonwood Pass.  Which will add about 4 days to my trip, because I’ll be starting several miles south of Mount Whitney, which is the end (or start) point of the John Muir Trail.  Below is my tentative itinerary (which you have to submit when you apply for an Inyo Permit).

Mon Jul 11 2016: Chicken Spring Lake (PCT- Cottonwood Pass) – 4mi
Tue Jul 12 2016: Soldier Lake –5mi
Wed Jul 13 2016: SEKI – Crabtree – 12mi
Thu Jul 14 2016: Summit Mt. Whitney, set up basecamp at Crabtree – 15mi
Fri Jul 15 2016: SEKI – Tyndall Creek – 12.5mi
Sat Jul 16 2016: SEKI – Kearsarge Lakes – 10.9mi
Sun Jul 17 2016: Saw Mill Pass Junction – 14.4mi
Mon Jul 18 2016: SEKI – Twin Lakes – 12.6mi
Tue Jul 19 2016: SEKI – LeConte Canyon – 16.6mi
Wed Jul 20 2016: SEKI – Evolution Basin – 12.7mi
Thu Jul 21 2016: Senger Creek JMT- 15.7mi
Fri Jul 22 2016: Bear Creek Meadows, Upper JMT – 10.9mi
Sat Jul 23 2016: Squaw Lake (Piute Canyon) – 14.1mi
Sun Jul 24 2016: Duck Creek JMT Junction – 10mi
Mon Jul 25 2016: Beck Lakes Junction – 14.4mi
Tue Jul 26 2016: Rosalie Lake –6.2mi
Wed Jul 27 2016: Thousand Island Lake JMT- 9.0mi
Thu Jul 28 2016: Yosemite- Tuolmne Meadows/Lyell Canyon – 9.3mi
Fri Jul 29 2016: Yosemite – Cathedral Lakes – 16.7mi
Sat Jul 30 2016: Cloud’s Rest Junction – 14.4mi
Sun Jul 31 2016: Climb Half Dome, Camp Near Happy Isles Trail Head – 10.3mi
Monday Morning: Shuttle to the Airport

I still only have 53% of my gear gathered, and will have to soon figure out how the heck I’m supposed to get to Cottonwood Pass from an airport. Please stay tuned to follow me in my journey from planning to trekking to completing and reminiscing this exciting adventure :).

Here are some helpful links I’ve been using recently:



One response to “Hey JMT, We’re 100% On!

  1. This is an amazing itinerary on this particular thru-hike. Best of luck, be safe, more importantly, enjoy the experience. And come back with amazing stories so share with the internet community.


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